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Underground Christianity

It's all so exciting not knowing when the Church in the buildings will open up again, or the schools for our children, restaurants, nightclubs, gyms and the sort? There is no more the same old ground hog day for many. We now live in the thrilling times of follow the leader. But there are so many leaders that were not sure who to follow. Us Christians know in principle that Jesus is Lord, and that he heals all or our diseases, just maybe not covid 19. Were told in the Bible to continue to gather together and love one another, just not during the covid19 according to our officials. Our Summer time Christian events like Harvest Crusade are not happening, even though they teach us that perfect Love casts out all fear. I have heard that leading pastors are canceling their services for 2020 and plan new openings for next year. What if there is no cure? What if the Democrats win? What if someone kills TRUMP? There are so many what if's in this world. I am part of the target group of people that will probably die if I get the covid 19? I have never washed my hands so much, or put on a face mask so often. Things are never going to be the same as they use to be my friends. And I am OK with that. I will continue to sneak in hugs when I can. I will meet with small groups and enjoy intimate Bible studies. I will continue to pray for those who are sick, and seek God's wisdom through these unsteady times. I will look forward to seeing Joe Biden and Donald Trump get in the ring. One thing is for sure in my life, I am going underground!!! I am not telling anybody who I am voting for! I am going to avoid sneezing in public. I will make my hugs and kisses short and sweet. I will not show off what a great time I am having in this life. I am definitely going underground my beloved friends.

If I can be of service to any of you, call 714 400 4573

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