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Merry Christmas!

Blessings to my Church of God Family, my Set Free Worldwide Ministries, the Set Free Black Sheep crew, all my Soldiers, my beloved sisters in Christ, my Magic House regulars, and my Friends I have not met yet. 2021 has been a season of souls saved, and prayers answered. Yes we have lost a lot of Loved one's, who we will see on the other side!!!! Learning how to Suffer Joyfully has been at the forefront of our learning experiences. We don't have to, We get to serve the Lord. "To live is Christ, to Die is Gain" it's a Win Win situation for us believers. I witness my body falling apart daily, more aches and pains to deal with. I am not sure how much longer Jesus has me assigned to planet earth, but I will Fight the good Fight till I drop. I need your prayers to continue this battle as a good Soldier for Jesus!!!!Merry Christmas my wonderful friends in Christ. It's been a Out Law for the Good Christmas! I am amazed daily that Jesus Love's a Sinner like me???? I often get asked "Where did you get the nickname Chief"? I refer them to the Bible, where the apostle Paul says "I am the Chief of Sinners". I believe that title is reserved for Me.

Stay High on Jesus my Friends

714-400-4573 If you know a addict suffering, give me a call!

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