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The Church has left the Building!

The Church has never been the building, it's the people, we are the Church.

During this time of the Pandemic, the plague, the health scares, the Church feels homeless to so many. Church meetings are popping up in back yards, parks, coffee shops and anywhere else people can assemble.The Governor of California has laid down some pretty hardcore laws that he believes will slow down this virus that is spreading. In my christian community, my Pastor friends are asking my advice on weather they should defy the states orders on shutting down church services or follow the instructions of those in authority? There is a Bible verse for about any belief system you choose to have. Christians are shaming one another, calling others sheep, cowards, sell outs, and a myriad of other names. I personally believe this is a time where if you claim to Love Jesus, that you team up with your brothers and sisters in the Faith and become united. The real virus we need to watch out for is "Hate" my friends. The devil is the prince and power of the air. The Grace of God will cover the sins of others who we have a problem with. The Church has been divided for way to long my friends. What are you going to do if the looters, haters, violent protesters come to your town? Our kids are out of school, and boredom will eat them up. People losing their jobs and getting desperate for food and shelter. I am a joyful good spirited person, but I don't see this world getting better. Enjoy the summer my friends, because this could be purging from God for all of us. Our Heavenly Father Loves us very much, but I strongly believe he wants our attention. He wants to be our first Love, and he has a purpose for all of us. Love and prayers to all of you.

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