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I am ready to Fight Tonight!!!

I am ready to Fight tonight, but my fight ain't with people of any color. My Fight is the Good Fight of Faith!!!! I believe we are all made in the image of God. The enemy is anyone who would judge another man or woman for anything. That's God's job to be the King and Master of the Universe. If I died today I am sure there would be some who said Phil Aguilar was a good guy. Some would say I was a dirty no good dog. I would have to agree with both points of view. I believe those who are forgiven much, Love much. George Floyd was no different than I. He made some bad choices and so did I. I refuse to hate on anybody, and I will fight the Good Fight with all that is within me. Did I always think this way? Hell no, I have spent a good portion of my life a dirty no good dog. It has taken me many wake up calls to finally bring me to a humble state of mind. I am a slow learner, late bloomer, that believes God saves the best Wine for last. When I was young I wouldn't listen to anybody tell me what's up. I have a powerful belief in our young people today, that they are a journey that will eventually be pleasing to God. I grew up wanting to blow up the Police station in my town, and destroyed peoples lives for years. It took me quite a while before I saw the light. If your a old school fool like me, listen to the youth, and take time show them you really care about their future. Don't judge them, help guide them, and be there for them. If your ready to Fight tonight, make sure it's the Good Fight of Faith. Love to all!!!

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