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Dirty Dozen Conference!

November 12th will be the release of the Dirty Dozen Conference! The speakers are Hardcore characters representing every walk of life. Sunday Casperson-Therapist, Ive's Irie-Rapper Delinquent Habits-Fieldy-Korn Band, Mr. Mj- Pastor-Life Coach, Chill Aguilar-singer, songwriter- Businessman, Dr. Richie- Psychologist-Biker-, Quickie NA leader-Counselor, Katana-Media Consultant- Business lady on a Mission, Migs Whisky-singer- Outlaw Folk, Fausto-life coach, public speaker-jump rope Gold medalist-, Charlie Grooms-Worship leader-Counselor-Gospel House founder, and yours truly, the real Dr. Phil Aguilar! Speakers will address the Pandemic times we live in, politics, relationships, spirituality, and future goals. Much love to all of you!

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