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Buy a Gun?

During these troubled times I here so many people resort to some real stinking thinking.

The Good book says my enemies are not carnal, but spiritual, and that we need to walk by Faith, not by sight. My Christian brothers and sisters it's sounds so bold and courageous in negative way to talk about being strapped for Jesus war. Jesus walked through the middle of the battle zone every day and never sought to use violence, or even self defense. Christians I am speaking to you. This is our hour, and I am speaking to me first. I need to be bold and live by the words of the Apostle Paul. "None of these things in the world that are going on move me. I am going to remain steadfast, and continue to do the right things till the stars fall out of the sky. I am going to finish the course God has me on, and do it full of the joy of the Lord. To testify to everyone in my world that Jesus is Lord and has our future in his hands. I don't believe God wants us to get caught up in the madness the world is experiencing. I know if I carry a gun, I am going to shoot somebody. I carry the healing powers of Jesus the Christ in my Heart. The world most likely will never be like it use to be. That's OK because "Blessed are the Flexible, for they shall not be ben out of Shape". I am an old school character who is a target for the Covid 19, I have 5 grown children, and 23 grandchildren. I refuse to back down to any virus, any negative thinking, and back peddling, or any retreat. I am a man on mission for God, and I will fight the good fight of faith. Onward Christian Soldiers marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus. Love to all!

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