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Any Racist in the House?

Fact Check! I am born and raised in Anaheim California. My birth certificate says I am caucasian, whatever that is. I grew up in Anaheim, better known to some as Klanaheim. Due to the fact that in the 40's many of the leadership had deep connections with the Klu Klux Klan. All through my elementary school at Thomas Jefferson, I was the darkest kid in school. I remember at about 7 yrs old asking my mother for better soap, so I could be white like my friends. I watched Father knows best, and Leave it to Beaver, and looked forward to having a house with a white picked fence around it some day. In my third grade class I was told by my teacher to refrain from speaking Spanish. When I entered middle school at Freemont Jr. High I made a choice to hang out predominately with my white friends. They went surfing all the time, and I enjoyed that lifestyle. I was called a Fake Mexican by my Chicano brothers. Yes indeed I was a coconut, Brown on the outside, white on the inside. My friends would put peroxide on their hair and it would turn blonde, I applied it on my hair and it turned Orange. At Anaheim High School, I joined the rock n roll Rolling stone fan club and started smoking weed. Across the street from the high school was a place called Tastee Freeze where my surfer crew hung out. I met some fellows who were on their way to Palm Springs to drop some LSD. I was on my way to become a Hippie, another group of mostly white kids. Sure we had Jimi Hendrix and a few others of color, but mainly white kids. I got busted for 10 dollars of weed, mainly seeds and stems. My plea bargain was 1 year in the orange county jail. That's where I met my first black brother, LA Will a right on brother. I didn't plan any of this, it just happens to be my wonderful life. In the County jail I went from a Flower child hippie full of Love to a wanta be gangsta. I started a motorcycle crew and started hanging out with that crowd. At 30 yrs old doing time at Chino State prison I turned my life over to God. When I got released got released I started a ministry called Set Free World Wide Ministries. We were located in downtown Anaheim near City Hall. Some in leadership on the city council thought Set Free attracted a bad element of people. I integrated downtown Anaheim with black brothers, and lot's of low riders and gangbangers from all the neighborhoods around. I worked with the Gang councils and code Enforcers from Anaheim to help make this city Beautiful. Police Chief Malloy wrote letters of commendation about how Set Free Changes lives with Jesus. After working with 4 different mayors in a positive fruitful way, here comes Mayor Tom Daly. He had a new plan for downtown Anaheim that didn't include Set Free Worldwide Ministries. That's cool and I moved on with my life to build a place called the Dream Center in Los Angeles. I returned to Anaheim California the city I love. to help change lives. I started a Motorcycle ministry called "Set Free Soldiers". Anaheim cops got nervous and thought we were the Son's of Anarchy??? They were wrong and we ended up in a horrible situation with the Anaheim Police. All the ridiculous, trumped up charges were dismissed. I forgave the Anaheim Police and I still love my city. This week I have been at City Hall in Anaheim sharing the Love of Jesus with all the young people who are searching for the truth in their lives. I Know some of you will say that those young people are full of corruption. I say that Jesus died for them also!!!

I believe it's our job to educate with Love and show them the way. Calling them no good, wicked characters will never accomplish anything. Love is the only gift that will never fail. I was joined today with a few fellow ministers letting our light shine. I may not be doing it your way, but I am doing it the best way I know how. A couple hours ago I saw the police apprehending someone and I pulled over to offer assistance. The head Police officer asked what I was doing there? I said I am neighborhood watch, making sure nobody hurts. He made a snide remark, but that's cool, I got his back.

. Say what you will, I am a front line Soldier. I don't live the lifestyle of the Rich and Famous, I live the lifestyle of the Saved and Dangerous. Love to all. www.setfreeanaheim

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1 Comment

Brian King
Brian King
Jun 04, 2020

Awesome share Chief! I absolutely love the way God has pulled on your heart. Better yet, I Love how you serve our Almighty God! God Loves you so much! Your actions make our Heavenly Father Smile! Thank you for being you!

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