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Wonderful Weekend!

I just finished spending the most wonderful weekend of my life. It started with a Friday date night with my beautiful wife. Woke up Sat morning and showed love to a wonderful group of young people that are dealing with addiction struggles! "". Then I took a crew of wonderful people with me to celebrate Set Free Oceanside Grand Opening. Set Free Pastors from many locations were there. I had the privilege of meeting many new Christian friends. I preached a message about showing up daily, and being a Soldier for Jesus. It was a beautiful night, and we danced to SOG crews hip hop music. Sunday morning Church of God in action with my son Mj and a group of on fire believers. I spent the rest of my Sunday just praising Jesus for all his love for us. I am excited and can't wait for Monday to arrive. Once again I will be about my Fathers business. A Great week to all!!!! Don't forget my Bike Raffle, My Bday is this week, and lot's of surprises in store for all of us.

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