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Who's afraid of the Big Bad Virus?

Men and women of God, let's believe the report of those who have gone on before us.

Onward Christian Soldiers, Marching as to war, with the Cross of Jesus!!! I wake up each day with Thanks Giving, & Praise. I know even when our bodies are broken down, it's our Spirit that keeps us moving forward. My Faith has been rocked a few time's during this Hype of FearMania!!!

When I get knocked down, I get right back up and "Fight the Good Fight". I have to much Jesus in me to stay down and let the enemy win the battle for even a moment. We have family members, friends, and others who are watching us right now. I have told multitudes about this Supernatural God I serve. How no weapon formed against us will prosper. How he will heal us of all of our diseases. I have seen to much to turn back now. Come on brothers and sisters and let's be "Wise as Serpents, but Harmless as Dove's. Love to You All

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