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Where did all our Christian Leaders Go?

I remember the days not to long ago when our Christian leaders spoke out about raising the dead, blind eyes opening, and miracles of every sort were reported!!! Now it seems like so many of our Christian leaders our living in fear? We know that fear will paralyze a human being from being able to accomplish the simple of tasks. We know that Abraham embraced the promises of God. He didn't receive them all in his life time, but he lived a life full of Faith. (He was enjoying the ride).

I remember the days of Oral Roberts the Faith Healer, and Benny Hinn who would demonstrate the Supernatural Power of God. It seems like all the preaching is about staying 6ft away from one another, washing our hands often, and not being in large crowds. Thanks be to God there was no Covid 19 back in the day, because the upper room where the church was birthed, never would have happened. I just don't get it? Maybe I am just blind to what's going on in this world, or maybe I have been brainwashed by the Word of God that "Jesus is the same yesterday, today and Forever!!!! People fighting over Black lives Matter, hating on Cops, being afraid to sneeze in public, not being able to hug us older folks is very sad. You might ask the question, what are you doing about it Dr. Phil aka Pastor Phil, aka the Chief. Here is a brief history of my year 2020 since the plague has hit planet Earth. I am a essential worker who works 7 days a week with addicts who are dealing with substance abuse disorders, along with PTSD, and other behavioral needs. I once lived on Drugs, and I changed over to enjoying Hugs!!!! I personally experience the sad news daily that many of my clients overdose, and die. On the other hand I receive the happy news daily of many victories. The restoration of families, and the success of countless wonderful lives. I run therapy groups, do marriage, anger management, and other forms of counseling. I am also a proud father of 5 grown children, 23 grandchildren, and I am married to a beautiful wife for over 43 years now. My life isn't perfect, but I have learned to "Suffer Joyfully"!!! In closing, I choose to not live in Fear!!! Yes it creeps up on me daily, but I stay in training to "Fight the Good Fight of Faith". Today I am finishing my book "How to Build an Empire and How to Burn one down". I give tips on what I call my Street Guide to Leadership". Tomorrow, Thursday Oct. 8 I will have Singer, song writer, Soldier for Jesus RYAN ELLIS perform his new music at my Magic House. (Its Free and your all invited) if your not afraid? I believe we will be birthing a new movement of Love, Healing, and transparency to live our lives with Healthy Souls. Remember---We all Suffer, Let's do it joyfully "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it". 7144004573

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