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This ain't no Lockdown!!!

People have the audacity to call this quarantine time "LOCKDOWN"

Real Lock down you don't go anywhere, or do anything enjoyable.

I still ride my motorcycle, I talk to whoever wants to talk to me. I hug

anyone I choose to hug, if they allow it. I eat way more food than I should!

The Children of Israel were in Lockdown to Pharaoh! The Blacks were in Lockdown

to Slavery! If we don't like what's going on in our country? Do something about it!

On the other hand I guess it is something to complain, whine, or cry about. Yes People

are dying and that's sad. I work with recovering addicts and I watch people die daily. My concern is about Churches? When are they going to open up? Everything rises and falls on Leadership.

In my life I have learned that I need a weekly, if not daily fix of Jesus. Every time I hear my Pastor

speak, I become more alive. I believe we are filled with the Holy Spirit. I also believe we leak!!!!

I am praying for Churches to be allowed to be OPEN. Anybody with some good ideas, I am ready

to Fight for our Freedom to Worship together. I ain't scared, how about you????? Love to all

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