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The Magic House Is Closing

That's right. The Magic House is closing down. Not only as the center where people come together to share and save lives, but the home of the legendary Phil "The Chief" Aguilar will be lost. Unless YOU do something about it! This is not a marketing stunt, nor a plea for money that isn't needed. This is REAL. We need everyone to help financially with however much you can! So, to do so, we'll be throwing a fundraiser, SET FREE STYLE!! We will be selling a spot for your name to be stated as one of the contributors to the Magic House Legacy! We have a spot for every size of gift that you're willing to give. BUT YOU MUST ACT FAST!! There is limited space and we've already began the campaign with GREAT success. Jump on it ASAP! Please email us at or contact Pastor Phil personally at 714-400-4573.

Now.. Let talk about the party.

On April 24th, we'll be having a HUGE fundraiser party!! We'll have plenty of opportunities for you to show your support for Set Free Ministries and The Magic House. This isn't just for people who can give lots of money, this is for everyone. We are encouraging EVERYONE to bring a donation at ANY amount. Outside of the donations, we will be partying like it's our last Magic House party ever!! We'll have a car show, bike show, music, food, pool, great company and so much more! You CANNOT miss it. We'll be throwing it on the 24th of April. Mark your calendars! If you want to help with the party, (bring a donation, first of all) give Phil a call at 714-400-4573.

All and all, The Magic House and Set Free Ministries have been helping people for years. And for years, people keep asking "how can I help?" Here's your direct answer. We haven't asked for money for decades. We're asking now. So, grab a $5, $20, $100 or however much you think represents your appreciation for Set Free and Pastor Phil. This isn't just about you.. this is about continuing the legacy of Set Free beyond any of us. Taking care of all the lives that need help in the future based on all the love that was established in the past.

We believe in The Magic House. How about you?

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