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Thanks for the Love!

The Magic House Ministry wants to give a big Holy Hug of Love to all of you that are praying for us.

Yes the Magic is Jesus, and we get to help the homeless and the hurting. MAGIC-HOUSE on VENMO has been a new way for us to receive funds from those who believe in the work we do.

We have so many young people who have been delivered from drug & alcohol abuse. We are helping them find work, and a community of supportive friends that help them in their aftercare.

Helping others is such a rewarding lifestyle, and gives us Great purpose for Living. Jesus said it is more blessed to Give than to receive!!! The more we think of others, the less we think about ourselves. My friends on planet Earth, I send my prayers and encouragement to all of you. Every season to comes to a end, and a new one begins. God does have a wonderful purpose and plan for all of us. Stay focused, stay strong, stay steadfast, and Keep your eyes on Jesus 714 400 4573

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