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Set Free Worldwide!

In 1982 Set Free Ministries began in Anaheim California! By the Grace of God I was the Black Sheep that Jesus chose to begin a movement of believers and Churches that has gone Worldwide. Many of the Set Free Pastors have birthed many new Churches, and have reached out globally touching multitudes of lives. Many who were once Set Free Churches have changed their names, but are still doing the stuff for Jesus. I am the Chief of Sinners saved by Grace and I am so thankful to just be a small part of this beautiful family of God. I am excited and thrilled beyond words to Welcome a new tribe of on fire believers from New Zealand to co-labor with the Set Free Family. Everything rises and falls on leadership!!! During my time's of wandering away from the Lords call on my life, Jesus has brought wonderful men and women of God to carry the torch for me. I think about just one facet of our ministry that has grown Worldwide, and that is our Motorcycle MInistry! We started our first Motorcycle Ministry in the early 80's call "Christ Son's" with the leadership of my friend Biker Jame's and Billy Aguilar. They have regrouped and are riding for the Lord under my brother Eddie. Next we began the "Servants for Christ" motorcycle ministry with my Brother Billy Aguilar, Cowboy, and other Great men of God. My blood brother Bert Aguilar then started a Motorcycle ministry called "Soldiers for Jesus" with a great brother Pablo!!! My friend Pastor JT from Montana has taken the Servants for Christ around the World. Then my ambitious brother Billy Aguilar helped kick off the "Braveheart" the "Deacons" and many other crews. My good brother Pastor Willie has started several chapters of "Sinners Forgiven" motorcycle ministry. My wonderful Brother Pastor Mike Salazar has a motorcycle ministry called "Set Free Son's of the most High". I am part of the Motorcycle Ministries Worldwide, and Set Free has been able to influence others to ride for Jesus. Then I was blessed to start the infamous "Set Free Soldiers for Jesus"!!! I now wear the patch on my cut that say's "Trained to Serve Jesus" where it all began. I look forward to meeting all of you who ride for the Lord Worldwide. If you desire to be part of Set Free Worldwide Ministries, you are more than welcome and you can choose a name that fits your flavor. We are a Noahs Ark type of Church with two of every kind on board. There are so many of you great men and women of God that I have not named, but if it wasn't for you, Set Free would not be a name known Worldwide!!!!

My Love and Prayers goes out to Everyone. Jesus final words "Father Forgive them" I will spend the rest of my life being a "Professional Forgiver". #setfreeforever #soldierforlife #pastorphil #servantsforchrist

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