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Rise up Soldiers!

If your a mom, dad, brother, or sister, rise up my fellow soldiers and let's "Fight the Good Fight" of Faith for Jesus. Like our brother the Apostle Paul, let's break on through to the other side with a fighting spirit of those that have went on before us. Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war, with the Cross of Jesus. Go behind the enemy lines my friends and let's be bold and courageous as we take prisoners for Jesus to our heavenly mansions that are being prepared for us. I have made so many bad choices in the past, but I know God isn't so concerned about our finest hours, but our final hours is what really matters. I love you my brothers and sisters, but I ain't scared of any big bad wolves, and neither should you. We were born for this hour of hate and violence worldwide. This is our time to shine brighter than ever now. Stay fired up for Jesus by reading his word, praying, and hanging out with Jesus people. Love you and see you at the finish line.

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