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Read My Autobiography!

My autobiography "Father forgive me, for I have Sinned" is hot off the press!

"Cult leader? Sinner? Outlaw? Saint! You be the judge as you travel down the dangerous road of life with Dr. Phil Aguilar, aka The Chief! This tattooed from head to toe man rides his Harley Davidson motorcycle and is the leader of a group called the 'Set Free Soldiers." He has planted a unique brand of Set Free Churches from Beijing China to Gold Coast Australia. He pioneered one of the worlds largest inner city Missions in America, turning gang members into Pastors. So called experts have labeled him a charismatic cult leader in the likes of Jim Jones or David Koresh. Christians have shot at him on sight, the police say he is an Outlaw, yet many say he is a mighty man of God. Phil Aguilar once considered a menace to society, changed his way of living from an encounter with God at Chino State Prison. Phil Aguilar became the most controversial Preacher in America after the raid on his home in August 2008. It took close to 300 armed swat team members, 5 city police departments, FBI, DEA, helicopters, canine unit, flash grenades and a tank to arrest members of the Aguilar family for attempted murder and street terrorism. The detectives came looking to put Phil Aguilar away for life in prison, believing him to be a gangster like John Gotti or Al Capone. This book will touch lives of every family member as you see all the injustice that was done to a group of people who decided to be a little bit different".

You can purchase it on Amazon now!

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