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My New Book Coming Soon!

"How to build an Empire, and How to burn it down"

Building and battling to have something great in your life is rewarding. Watching it burn down in front of your eye's is heartbreaking. It can be a business, ministry, marriage, friendship, or career. My new book will be a tell all about a few Empires I built, that produced lot's of money, notoriety, jealousy, and legal issues. We are living in a time that the new generation will look back upon with awe and wonder. In my generation growing up we had words spoken daily that have thank God been put to rest. The cowboys on tv were the heroes, the Indians were the savages, the American Flag, and Apple pie were Supreme. I was saddened about John F. Kennedys murder, and the Viet Nam war was an atrocity. Charlie Manson murders, LA riots, and the dirty Rampart cops in the 90's. The World Trade Center killings brought even more hatred and division to our country. I can remember when many thought President Ronald Reagan would be the answer to all of our problems. And now what the Hell is going on in our world? Since my days in High School when choosing to listen to the Rolling Stone band, or the Beatles was a major decision. We smoked Marijuana and got the munchies and listened to Cheech and Chong. Now the internal war in America is on and Poppin. Pick a side my friend, or forever hold your peace and be considered a fence rider at best.There is a war going on in our streets, across this land we love so dearly. Everything rises and falls on leadership, so let's choose who is going to lead this country to Victory. Will it be the Democrats who it seems want to develop some type of socialistic government? Is abortion really murder? Should we be fighting wars in the middle East? Does the Democratic Party have the answers to our race problems? Is Donald Trump the Anti Christ, or is he a God sent to Make America Great again. I don't have all the answers, and it seems to me that those who we have elected to run this country are missing the mark themselves. I am going to continue to be the best husband to my beautiful wife, the best father to my children, the best grandfather to my 23 grandkids, and the best friend to all. "I will not let anything going on in this country move me, or shake me off the course God has me on. I will finish the race, and I will do it with joy, telling the whole World that Jesus is the answer.


Thanks to all of you who donate to the ministry.

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