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Miracle Cure is Here!!!

Set Free News Alert! Dr. Zelenko has found the cure for Coronavirus!Check him out!!!!

We have heard every conspiracy theory, every Pandemic disease horror story, and just about every political opinion from our leaders in the White House. Who knows what to believe?Is there such a thing as fake news? Is there really a cure for this deadly Virus? Are the prayers of Gods people making a difference today? As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. It's a miracle mindset that can bring you relief in this Fearful world we live in. Yes stay clean, yes believe our Drs and Scientists! Most of all put your trust in Jesus. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Surround yourself with people full of Faith. Encourage those you meet with the peace of God that passes all understanding. Make sure you have sunshine on a cloudy day!In closing, stay strong, stay focused, persevere, and do it with a joy of the Lord on your Faith. Know a Love one that needs help getting off of drugs?

Call me at 714 400 4573

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Not meaning to add any negativity, but it appears that this Dr.'s cure that had seemed so promising and was being pushed by Trump, isn't what we had hoped for. They have just reported that in my state (VA) they had tested it on hundreds of patients. And actually the percentage of deaths for people who received this drug was higher then those who only received routine care. I was actually excited about your post and was disappointed to see the test results from VA 😢. I probably would have stopped reading posts about this virus (hard to take in at times) but it reminds me to continue practicing social distancing, staying at home and continuous hygiene. We have to…

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