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Magic House Night Club

Word on the streets is the Magic House is a mighty tool in the hand of God. So often people wonder and wander about their purpose in life. The Good book says "to those who are forgiven much, they Love much". Since the day God reached way down to bottom of the pit and pulled me up out of my mess, I have been so very thankful. Here is a simple formula on how to be used by God. 1. Show up daily and report for service! 2. Use what you got in your hands. 3. Do it all unto the Lord. The Magic House is a place where the hurting can come to get their Healing. It's a place for fellowship in the middle of this Pandemic times we live in. It's a property where people come full of Faith and not fear. It's God's House. Blessings to you all in the name of Jesus.

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09 de out. de 2020

After reading what you wrote about those who have been forgiven much love much is true in my life. It makes it easier for me to forgive others when I look in the mirror at my own short cummings.

The other thing I thought of after reading about the simple formula on how to be used by God is I forgot I don't have to wait until I have all my ducks in a row to do something for God. I often think of serving God has to be this huge thing when it could be as simple as smiling at the cashier at the store or letting someone cut in front of me when I'm driving instead of no…

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