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Love is the Greatest Gift!

I hope your life is better not Bitter. My mother would tell me to stay sweet, every time I left the house. She would also say "you catch more bee's with Honey". Those words would irritate me, when I was foolish, and lived the victim life of blaming the world for my problems. Thank God I finally get it!!! Our Heavenly Father had to do the worst thing ever. He allowed his son Jesus to die on the cross for a bunch of selfish individuals like me. While on the cross he forgave one of the outlaws next to him, and took him to Paradise. He also asked his Father to forgive you and I for all the horrible things we do. Now that's real love!!!! My Friends It feels so good to be full of LOVE. I use to spend most of my time hating on people, for no good reason. Once I asked Jesus to teach me how to become a "Professional" forgiver, it changed my whole way of thinking. I am far from perfect, and at one time I referred to myself as the "Chief of Sinners". Jesus has been working on my Heart big time. I now pray for all of our Politicians. I pray for all of the Cops. I pray for my enemies. Because of Love I am now Better, not Bitter!!!! I might come of as soft to you all.

In all truth "I am Hardcore to the bone for Jesus'. Love to all. Dr. Phil Aka the Chief, aka Pastor Phil

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