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Lifestyles of the Saved and Dangerous!

I am a born and raised in Anaheim fellow. When I started my first Set Free Church in Anaheim, my catch phrase was "Happiest Place on Earth". I was born here, went to jail here, had my home raided here, and built a Mega Church here. When Protests come to my town, I am there shining the Light of Jesus everywhere I go. There ain't much to loot downtown Anaheim. Mickey Mouse is the only one in town with real cash. It was a peaceful protest tonight and I just prayed and loved on all the young people that live here. Not many black brothers and sisters, but those who attended were very thankful for all who came. Our new generation wants to be color blind. Let's join them and fight for equality. I hate people looting, and causing any type of violence. I ain't just a talker though, I am a front line Soldier. If you want change in our world, get off your butts and hit the streets sharing the Good News of Jesus. Love to all.

Forget the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, I want the Lifestyle of the Saved and Dangerous

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Ok youngster😎

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