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Let's get back to Work!!!

People are going broke, people are going insane, people are lonely, depressed

discouraged and a whole lot more. What to do? Should we take a chance & spread the virus?

Should we just trust God and believe he will protect us? Should we all rise up at once, and

do what we feel is best in our own eyes? What is it you miss most about being locked down?

How's your date life? Love Life? Church Life? How is your life? Everyone wearing masks now!!!

Everything were dealing with is a first for us. The Doctors that are leading us down this scary movie trail seem to be to gleeful about all this Virus stuff. .Conspiracy BS, outbreak, last days, buy guns, store up

food, for what? I have spent the last 40 years believing God is bigger than all my problems. He said no weapon formed against me will prosper! He said he will cure all my diseases? Jesus walked amongst the Lepers, and even raised the dead. Where are all my Christian brothers and sisters? What to do? All dressed up and no place to Go. As for me, I am going to get High on Jesus today. I am a binge Jesus freek. I will drink today from the well that never runs dry! The LIving Water!!!!Just thinking out loud. Have a beautiful day

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The world seems crazy and the US is so confused and divided. Some governors (like mine in VA) are trying to hold out. The residents of VA and some republican politicians are speaking out against him. They are concerned how this will effect the economy. He said that he's not concerned with that, he is trying to save lives. And then I had seen a governor of another state that said we were going to have to put on our big boy and big girl pants. That we were going to have to be willing to lose the lives of Americans to preserve the American way. (To sacrifice the lives of elderly etc to preserve the "good life " smh).…

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