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Keep your head when everyone else is losing theirs!

It doesn't matter if your rich or poor, weak or strong, people are losing their minds. Having a good mindset takes a lot of hard work. From the moment we wake up in the morning that stinking thinking wants to take hold and ruin our day. The only way to reverse the curse, is by feeding your soul some good food. My personal choice for a healthy soul is to ask God for guidance on this journey we call life. Making statements like "life ain't fair" or "its to hard" or "I'm tired" just won't help one bit. When this Plague called Corona hit the Earth it evened the playing field for all. All of our lives became interrupted for the plans we had store for our future. People have become anxiety ridden about their health, wealth, and the basic needs of everyday life. I have had to navigate my own life through these choppy waters of change. Like the Apostle Paul "I will not let any of these things move me, neither do I count my life dear to myself, but I am going to finish this course God has me on, and I am going to do it with joy". My fellow travelers join me on the fantastic voyage we get to experience daily. Enjoy the ride my friends, but putting your trust in Jesus. Obey God rather than men!!! Make sure your into God's word, so you will know exactly how he wants you to think. Right thinking, will give your Fight actions, which will give you Right results.If you know someone who is struggling give me a call 714 400 4573

Love to all from the Big Chief aka Pastor Phil

Set Free Nationals this Saturday at Set Free Yucaipa 10am to ???? Everyone welcome

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