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Jesus is coming Soon!!!

I know others have said it before me, that "Jesus is coming Soon"! Well I am joining that group of Prophets who are predicting the soon coming presence of our King Jesus. The Bible doesn't speak anywhere of the Good old USA being the spoiled brat that get's away with with a lot of bad behavior. I know every time I have Sinned, I have had to pay the piper. I have seen a lot of crazy things in my life time and I have caused a lot of drama myself. I am emptying out myself of every breath of fresh air of truth I have to offer. I am re-releasing my autobiography "Father Forgive me for I have Sinned" and my new book "How to build an Empire and how to Burn one down". Along with my virtual conference "The Dirty Dozen" 12 of the most interesting people in the world! I am working on 3 new books I believe this world needs to read, as we get ready for the return of the Lord. Titles of my next 3 books are 1."How to become a Professional Forgiver" 2. "The most sensitive part of a woman's body 3. Don't get married and Don't have children". To live is Christ and to Die is gain!!! I am in a Win Win situation, with nothing to lose. I don't want to leave this world without giving my very best to help build others in Christ. A Wise man learns from his mistakes, and a Wiser man learns from the mistakes of others!!!!

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