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It's getting Hot in here

Summer is almost here, and it's getting Hot. It's time to go relax at the beach with family and friends. I take clients to the ocean to help them heal. I am a Essential worker, not just a person who wants to Party at the Beach.Whatever your belief system is my Friends, don't get upset with those wanting to enjoy some time outside of the house. People are protesting the lockdown, and that's cool. Some people are shaming others for not socially distancing themselves. Some people are praying the "If my People" prayer. Some are making the best use of their time, by studying, or doing crafts, building, exercising, or catching up on Net flex. Whatever your doing I am cool with that. Fake News, Real News, Fox News, CNN, God only knows the truth about all this Virus stuff. On thing I am doing for sure is working on my Immune system to keep it strong. I hope to see everyone at the Beach soon. Love to all! If you need help for any reason give me a call 714 400 4673

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