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I love a Good Fight!

Fake news, Real news, Bad news, Good news

None of us know for sure who is telling the truth. Republicans, Democrats,

Green Party, No Party

The only thing I truly believe is the Word of God.

The B I B L E yes that's the book for me. I stand alone on the Word of God

The B I B L E

I am not going to shame people who want to go back to work, and I am not going to shame those who't don't believe in this Virus. I believe Trump is a tool in the hand of God. I know that God used

a jackass in the Bible. I know that God has used me in spite of all of my short comings!

I love a Good Fight!!!! I want to live out Acts 20:24 " But none of these things going on today move me, I do not count my life dear to.myself, I am going to Finish the course God has me on, telling everyone about the Good News of Jesus & I am going to do it with joy"!

Enjoy the Ride my friends and keep on Fighting!!!!

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