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I know when Jesus is coming back!

Many people are fearful of the the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yes he is coming back to judge the world. The Mark of the Beast, and the 666, the chip and all the things we have heard about are true. I have studied and researched the Bible for the last 40 plus years. I know when Jesus is coming back, and I am relieved to know that I will be caught up with him wen he returns.. The covid 19, the pandemic, the Bill Gates tracking devices, all being done in the name of our safety. Here is the key to your well being. The Word of God the Bible is your only sure bet for safety, and peace while we fight the Good Fight of Faith. Put on the full amor of God and listen to the voice of Jesus. He will guide us through this season and into the Promise land. The answer to when Jesus is coming back is real simple. The Bible teaches us that this is the day the Lord has made. Jesus prayed give us this day, our daily bread. We are not promised tomorrow.

"JESUS IS COMING SOON now enjoy the ride!!!

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