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Hugs not Drugs

Masks on TV new commentators, no ball games, no parks, no concerts!!!

NO school for my Grandkids, no visiting relatives, no weddings, no graduations, no

Church, but YES liquor Stores are open. Yes this new generation is fine with Zoom, face time, and

all the other electronic visual reality stuff. I am old school and proud of it. I want to live out the Bible and break bread with my brothers and sisters. I want to give holy kisses, I want to live the Jesus style and pray for the sick. I want to give out HUGS not DRUGS !!!!

Oops, it's just me thinking out loud again!!!

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I am old school as well and these changes have been difficult. Keep 6 feet away from others, washing all the groceries with soap and warm water. Wearing gloves to get your mail, while shopping and when you pump your gas. It has us to the point that when we see a stranger we no longer see a person. It's almost like we see a large virus walking towards us so we walk around them to avoid any unnecessary interactions that could put us at risk. I'm a people person and feel that a stranger is only a person that I haven't had an opportunity to meet yet. I'm tired of isolation, gloves and masks. I'm tired of social media…

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