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How to build an Empire, and how to Burn one down!!!

My new book is coming out soon. It's a tell all about my history of building great Empires for the Lord, and how I burnt them down! It will benefit those of you seeking to do something amazing here on Earth. There are plenty of "How to" books about building a business, a product, or a brand. This book will give you the edge on "What not to do". I will share with you how I went wrong so many times over. I am a slow learner, a late bloomer, but God saves the best Wine for last!. After reading my story, hopefully you will get back up and build again. Like my friend Tim Storey says "Bigger the Setback, Bigger the Comeback". On top of that I will be releasing my "Dirty Dozen" virtual Conference this month. I interview speakers like Fieldy from the Korn band, Ives Irie from Delinquent Habits hip hop crew, plus many more that have taken a walk on the wild side of life. Stay tuned for more details. Set Free Church Sunday nights @ 7pm 125 East Sycamore st. Anaheim Cal. If you know someone struggling with Drug or Alcohol Addiction hit me up, I might be able to help. 71144004573 Love to All "The real Dr. Phil"

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