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How to be the richest person in the room?

In my new book "How to build an Empire and how to Burn one down" I give my secrets to being the richest person in the room. I am a man of wealth and fame! I am wealthy with riches money cannot buy, and infamous because of choosing the take a walk on the wild side many decades ago. I do not look at the cup of water half empty or half full. I look at it running over so I have plenty to share with those around me. Jesus said it is more Blessed to give than to receive. You can only achieve being the richest person in the room when you recognize that there is Treasure in your earthen vessel.We are made in the image of God, with a future so bright you need to wear sunglasses. A mansion is being prepared for you right now, and a new glorified body to go along with it. The Great physician Dr. Jesus himself will make sure that you never have any pain, sickness or diseases.On top of all those benefits, your going to live for all Eternity my friends. I could go on and on about the goodies we have coming. As I am putting these words down, I am overcome with a double dose from the Holy Ghost. I love getting High on Jesus. Much love to all of you, and remember you to can be the richest person in every room you enter.



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1 Comment

Brian King
Brian King
Jun 20, 2020

Awesome read Chief! Love your enthusiasm! It’s contagious! It’s more Blessed to Give then to Receive. God Bless you!

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