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God Bless America!

The times they are a changing. Hold on my friends and tighten up your seat belts and enjoy the ride. Sometimes it gets a little scary out here as we have to navigate in and out of so many different points of view. I don't believe I can force my generations views on the young people of today. I grew up watching TV shows like "Father knows Best", while most young people today are viewing "Who's your Daddy" in one form or another. Most of the young people I knew growing up had 2 parent families, now single parenting is a common day situation. Blended families are the new norm. I grew up believing a white picked fence around your home was the sign of having achieved the American Dream. Growing up in Anaheim California I never met one black person until I went to the Orange County jail. I knew one Asia kid, who was known in those days as an Oriental fellow. No middle Eastern people were on my radar, yet now I live next door to a area called "Little Arabia", yes the times they are a changing. Even though I was a person of color who was being stripped of my language and culture, I had a mother who taught me how to assimilate in to world that I grew up in. I loved Anaheim High school, and we were known as Colonists, whatever that is? I loved my HIgh School even though I never graduated from it. There was something I learned there called loyalty. The Beach boys would sing about being true to your school. When the draft came it seemed like me and all my friends were all being sent off to a war in Viet Nam. The times were troubling, and I really never knew what the 4th of July was all about. I always felt like a fish out of water, and square peg trying to fit into a round hole. I watched President Trump last night in So. Dakota delivering a fiery address to the nation about "God Bless America". The scene was Mount Rushmore in the middle of America near Sturgis where multitudes of Bikers travel yearly. I had to google up who the Presidents faces were on Mt. Rushmore. I am ignorant about a lot of things in this world, but I am sure of one thing. "JESUS IS LORD, AND SOON COMING KING" Happy 4th of July to Everyone and God bless America

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