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Give the Police a raise!

I don't get this defund the Police news that's being spread around. The Police have to deal with every kind of crazy situation this world has to offer. I say give them a raise, give them extra training, give them some Love from above. When I put my self in their shoes, I think of the times I have flipped them off as I was riding down the street. I think about the times I gave them nothing but a bad attitude. Yes I have met some dirty no good cops too. I have been profiled, arrested without cause, and I have been treated like a dog at times. Never the less I say we give them some extra cash, extra classes, extra hugs, and everything else possible to make them better at their job. In all seriousness I have met the worst of the worst from the LAPD to the APD. The one last thing I would like to see happen to the Police is this. Let me give them a good talking to on a daily basis. My advice would go like this. 1. Pray to God without ceasing as you do your job daily. 2. Be kind to all, even those who don't deserve it. 3. Make time to listen to your community, and understand where their coming from. 4. Realize you are servants of the people. Love to All

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