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Fight Night! Biden vs Trump

Millions will be viewing the match up between our two choices for President. Who you picking? Who you voting for? Who do you think is fit for the job? The White house from what I been watching on the news stations, is full of a bunch of bickering, and back biting. The lamb and lion are not going to lie down together on the White H

ouse lawn. President Trump has brought the name of Jesus to the forefront once again. He has also shown us the sinful nature of mankind. Joe Biden seems to be a nice guy, but he sure appears to be a follower and not a leader. I have viewed the recent pictures of Christians on the White House lawn singing praises to Jesus. It seems like most of the faces are white? Lot's of Black people are upset and want justice? Come to think about it, I want justice too! I have lived through the McCoy and Hatfield feud, the Blood and the Crips, and now the Maga Hat wearing Trump Supporters vs the Liberal Left. It has taken me a long to grow up, so I guess I just need to be patient and allow others the same Grace that Jesus gave me. I will be watching the fight myself, with a little popcorn and a drink. Watching the debate for me will be different than a lot of you viewing. I am in their age group, and I will be impressed that they can stand for any length of time. That they can remember any facts at all, and that they really want a job like this. Anyway enjoy the fights my friends. Love to All.

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