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Fight for the Good life!

People often tell me that life is hard, life is tough, life is not easy!

I agree and believe that everything Good in life is up hill and hard

to get. We can't do this thing called life on our own strength!!! We

need guidance and wisdom from above to accomplish the journey that is before

us. Just about everyone I know starts off "looking for love in all the

wrong places". The road to destruction is wide, and that path to

having a great life is very narrow. After decades of bumping my

head, and always trying to do it my way, I believe that I have finally

found the keys to an abundant life! #1. Jesus First, "Seek ye first

the kingdom of God" #2. Drink the Power drink, the milk of the Word

of God. #3. Serve others, "It is more of a blessing to Give, than to receive".

If there is any way I can serve you, feel free to text me 714-400-4573

I oversee what I call the "MAGIC HOUSE" where the Magic is Jesus!!!

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