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Facebook Live Tues 8pm West Coast/Da Chief

My Books are being released to the Public for the first time via

Read my life story and get to know this fellow the Chief aka Pastor Phil aka Dr. Phil

You can learn my secrets on becoming filthy Rich in the Lord, and how to Burn down beautiful things you have worked so hard for. "A wise man learns from his mistakes, and

a wiser man learns from the mistakes of others!

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LeeAnn Smith
LeeAnn Smith
Jan 15, 2021

Pastor Phil I remember how you helped me at a chaotic time in my crazy life and soon I will need help once again I am looking to return to Set Free Anaheim as soon as I am discharged from parole, though I now have a pet cat of which I hope and pray I can keep with me as he is somewhat wild and occasionally runs off so I am keeping him with me always and I have a pet house in which I can keep him safe! so please contact me via phone at the number I left as a message ASAP Thanks and God bless and hope to hear from you real soon Blessings, LeeAnn Smith.

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