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Crazy People on the Loose!

Everyone I know has a different opinion on what to do with our President, our Senators and Congress. Every time President Trumps speaks he pisses someone off!!! Every time I speak I probably do the same. I give unsolicited advice all the time. The Bible teaches clearly that there is none perfect, no not one. Our country voted him into office, and if people don't want him as President anymore, vote him out. Being a hater, peanut gallery, cheap seat, arm chair quarterback just makes you one of the Haters club. When it comes to policies and procedures on how to run our government, that's what the ballot box is all about. We all know America is the greatest country in the world. I hope you also know that we aren't the savior of the World. The Good old USA is not mentioned in the Bible. Yes we have a powerful Christian presence in this world, but we also have the largest amount of deadly drug consumers. We kill babies and we do a whole lot of things that aren't to Christian like. Once again my point is we all fall short of the Glory of God. I am definitely a Sinner who has been forgiven much, that's why I now Love much.

Today I was criticized by law enforcement for things I did in the past. Quite often over the years I have been profiled because I wear a Patch on my cut when I ride my Harley Davidson to church.

The Police have treated me unfairly many times, yet I pray for them daily. Two weeks ago I offered the Police in the town I live in to be of service and try to bring peace to the streets. My offer was turned down. People are getting a little crazy on the streets nowadays, more than ever.

I grew up through the Vietnam era riots, the South Central Watts riots, The Rampart dirty cop Perez scandals, and the L.A. County Officer Sheriffs office

Baca dirty deeds. My point once again is "All have Sinned". I believe the only help for America is "JESUS". Voting in new leaders is a temporary fix for some, but the truth is "Jesus died for all of our Sin's and unless we turn to him, It's over!!!

Are you prepared for the Great Tribulation that the Bible speaks about? Some believe God will pull out all of his children out before the crap hit's the fan. Just maybe he will choose to have us go through the Great Tribulation, all 7 years. I don't have all the answers to those questions, but I do have the answer to after life."To live is Christ, to die is Gain. Join the winning team and be a follower of Jesus. You got everything to win, and nothing to lose.

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