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Behind the Enemy line Soldier

I am a certified Health Care worker! I have the privilege of heading up the Emergency Room at the Magic House in Anaheim California. The Magic is Jesus the Great physician !!! My clients deal with Opioid Addiction, Depression, Co-Dependency and in need of whole lot of Life Skills.

I have a bunk house for those needing housing, and I have volunteers that Love Jesus working along side of me. I do this at my own Home and pay for it with my own money. I love seeing Lives change!!!

You can help by donating Funds to Magic-House Venmo, or Pay Pal, Set Free Ministry, or good old Cash! Thanks to all of you in advance for helping me help others. If you would like to volunteer, please contact me at 714 400 4573

Love to all from Dr. Phil aka the Chief, aka Pastor Phil

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