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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

We are working on the design of our website and want the website to represent our progress. As of now, we are getting ready for our big grand opening and then it is GO TIME! There are plenty of you out there that want to know how they can get involved! That is huge for us to know. One way that people can get involved is by contacting us about what dreams you're trying to pursue so you can come over and brainstorm with us! Whether you just need to get away from the office or your home, we have members that come here just to get away and be around positive energy. Another way to get involved is by contacting us about classes or lectures you may have to help others with something you may know that you're willing to share. There are plenty of artists, entrepreneurs and speakers that are waiting to be taught how to perfect their purpose. You may be one to help with that. And the last way is by donating. We are always looking to buy new tools to help all these dreams come true. Whether it be lights, cameras, sound equipment, work out equipment, printing tools and anything else that can help us all with our dreams.. there's something to add or upgrade. We do not believe in an ending for our dreams.

If you're looking to get involved, our donate button is on every page near our logo. If you're looking to be here and a part, go to our ABOUT US page where you'll find the address and a place to contact us so we can collaborate. Thank you for your interest in the Magic House movement. We will change the world, one world at a time. And if you want to be a part of that change, DO NOT miss this train. There is only one beginning.

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