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A Strong Finish!

While many are worrying and wondering about the future, I am planting seeds of Hope with many who are hungry for growth. Being a Essential worker, I am on the front lines with those with the disease of addiction, depression, and anxiety. My hours are 24/7 at the Magic House, where the Magic is Jesus. I am still making house calls for those who need a touch from above. These times have given me more opportunities to help restore families, and build futures. God shines brightest in the dark hours of peoples lives. I am amazed at the lives of Pastors, business people, young teens and so many others looking for help. People are crying out for someone to give a ear, a helping hand, and words of encouragement. When our cup is overflowing, we have more than enough to give away. The key word that has helped me along life's journey is "OTHERS". Jesus said it is more blessed to give, than to receive!!! The Harvest is Plenty, but the Laborers are few.

Get Trained up to Serve Jesus with our Set Free University Home School Program. Give to the ministry of your choice with a gracious Heart. Our Venmo is Magic-House, and we give thanks in advance for all of you, helping OTHERS!!!Stay High on Jesus my friends

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