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The Magic House?

The Magic House is the headquarters for a worldwide movement spreading the love of Jesus Christ that began in Anaheim, California in 1982. What began as a singular Set Free Church has now grown worldwide and has branched into multiple churches, detox ranches, discipleship programs and even our own theological seminary Set Free University.


Magic House home base is located right here in Anaheim, California where we run a true discipleship home welcoming, feeding and housing anyone with a desire for a new life in Christ, regardless of age, sex, background or ability to pay. We meet them right where they’re at with the love of Jesus and we teach the truth of God’s word in love and give them the building blocks for a new life.

“If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old is gone, the new has come” 2 Corinthians 5:17


We don’t always have room, but at The Magic House, we make room! We offer these services complimentary because “freely you give because freely you have received!”


Get  Involved

We have multiple weekly meetings with different flavors and one purpose: To get closer to God through community. What can you do to get involved and grow? SHOW UP!

All meetings are held at

The Magic House in Anaheim, CA.


Tuesday @7pm

If you're interested in studying the Bible in depth with room for questions and participation, this is study for you. We read through our Bible and we talk about it. As simple as that.


Wednesday @7pm

For the ladies who need to build their trust in Jesus with the help of other strong ladies, Sandra Aguilar teaches principles out of the Bible that has kept her rooted in her faith.


Friday @ 7pm

Firm Believers Study is a "traditional" teaching of Bible priciples, lead by Anthony Hinojoza, but with an interactive twist. We all learn together as we tackle biblical principles.


Sunday @7pm

Although all of our meetings are infused with tones of recovery, Recovery Night is a full blown meeting, where we have a little bit of AA, a little bit of NA.. and a WHOLE LOTTA' Jesus A!

How to Help


Your support and prayer is what helps us continue to help those ready for a new life! 


We are a 501c3 organization. Your contributions help to support the needs of The Magic House in order for us to continue providing shelter, food and support to those under our discipleship. There are multiple ways to support The Magic House. We are currently raising funds for our two greatest needs. 


First is a Magic Van to carry our disciples to and from church meetings, bible studies, doctor appointments and any other needs that may arise. Having a van will help us be more effective in changing the lives of others. 


The second need is to acquire another house to provide accommodations for our growing number of disciple's. 


To support The Magic House financially, use one of the options below or come see us at 301 S Archer St. and say hello!

  • Venmo:     @magic-house

  • Cash App: $SetFreePhil

  • Paypal:

  • Zelle:         714-329-1003


If you would like to support The Magic House in other ways please consider donating any of the following items:


Household items such as:

        Toilet paper, cleaning supplies, trash bags, dish soap, etc.

Personal Items such as:

        Deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, soaps and body washes, toothbrushes, men's and women's second hand clothing, blankets and towels.  


Thank you in advance for your prayers, love, and support! God Bless!


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